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Door-to-Door Fundraising

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When you walk into Starship for the first time you instantly know that this place really gets children - there's an essential extra ingredient that goes beyond world class medical care.

This is made possible through the generous donations of all of Starship's wonderful supporters, without whom the nurses and doctors at Starship wouldn't be able to create that essential 'extra' ingredient or provide all the services they do such as the Starship National Air Ambulance, state-of-the-art equipment, expert medical teams with the latest training, and an environment that helps children heal.

Direct dialogue (door-to-door) fundraising is one of the best ways we can gain new supporters, grow donations and raise awareness of Starship, New Zealand's national children's hospital. By signing up as a new long-term supporter you help us raise vital funds for the Starship National Air Ambulance Service, building refurbishments, new medical technology, vital research, preventative programmes, child-friendly environments and staff training.

We hope your experience with one of our fundraisers has been positive and that you have found them to be polite and enthusiastic about the wonderful things that happen here at Starship with the help of our caring supporters.

The following frequently asked questions should answer any queries you may have about Starship Foundation's door-to-door fundraising campaign. If you have any further questions please call the team on 0800 STARSHIP (0800 782774) or email


What is direct dialogue/door-to-door fundraising?

Direct dialogue fundraising is where fundraisers speak to members of the public about a charity and ask them to sign up to support that charity with a regular (usually monthly) gift through their credit card or bank account. These conversations can take place on the street or at someone's doorstep (door-to-door fundraising). Currently Starship Foundation is only carrying out door-to-door fundraising. 

What is regular giving?

Regular giving simply means setting up a regular, automatic gift to Starship for an amount of your choosing. This donation can be made by credit card or direct debit from your bank account.

Why is Starship carrying out door-to-door fundraising?

The main reason Starship's conducting direct dialogue fundraising is because it's the best way to tell people about Starship and to attract new long-term supporters. Starship has wide reaching public awareness already and talking directly with members of the public is an effective way of converting this awareness into support. Regular gifts are vital to Starship because we can rely of them and this enables us to keep projects like Starship National Air Ambulance flying 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where are your fundraisers working?

Each week we will publish the neighbourhoods where our fundraisers will be visiting. The fundraisers will work until 8.00pm, but if requested to, they may re-visit until 8.30pm

From 9 April to 14 April, fundraisers will be in the following areas:

Bucklands Beach Conifer Grove
Devonport Eastern Beach
Edgewater Epsom
Forrest Hill Glen Eden
Greenhithe Greenlane
Gulf Harbour Hillcrest
Hobsonville Kelston
Laingholm Mangere Bridge
Manly New Lynn
Pakuranga Papatoetoe
Parnell Ponsonby
Rendwick Park Remuera
Schnapper Rock St Marys Bay
Stanley Point Titirangi
Wattle Downs Whangaparaoa
Windsor Park Woodlands Park

How will I know if a fundraiser is genuine?

Our fundraisers will have photo ID confirming their name and displaying our logo and will be wearing a Starship Foundation tabard (bib). You will receive an email and/or txt message when you sign up (if you provided these details) and you will also receive a confirmation letter in the post within two weeks outlining your donation. If you are uncertain about a fundraiser please contact us by calling 0800 STARSHIP (0800 782774) or by emailing  

Fundraisers currently working on our campaign are:

Melanie Gehl Angus McKenzie
Sharman Patel Gaige Ross
Zac Bird Jackson Shervey
Harrison Blackburn Hilal Mohideen
Therese Johnson Axton Walker
Mireille Drolet Cormack Wallace
Rikesh Shah Mingwei Li
Sinja Kuhl Tina Soonalafo
Liam Simpkin  

Why are the fundraisers using iPads?

Starship fundraisers are using iPads in an effort to reduce costs and to improve the performance of our fundraising efforts. Using iPad technology helps us achieve lower administration costs and also helps us to eliminate errors in processing your donations.

What happens to my details when I sign up to support Starship on the iPad?

Starship fundraisers are using iPads in an effort to reduce costs and to improve the performance of our fundraising efforts. Using iPad technology helps us achieve lower administration costs and also helps us to eliminate errors in processing your donations.

What happens to my details when I sign up to support Starship on the iPad?

The security and privacy of your data is extremely important to us and we use multiple layers of security and encryption. Once entered on the iPad, your details are instantly encrypted to ensure your personal information and credit card details are secure.  Please also be assured that when you do pledge your monthly support to Starship with one of our fundraisers, your personal details are transmitted securely in compliance with industry standards.

Can I claim a tax rebate on my donations?

Starship will provide an annual tax receipt in April for all regular gifts made in the previous tax year.  If you are eligible, one third of your total donations to Starship may be claimed back as a tax rebate.  For more information, please email

How do I contact Starship about a fundraiser?

If you have any questions about a fundraiser working on behalf of the Starship Foundation, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 STARSHIP (0800 782774) or email To help us answer your query, we will ask you to provide as much information as possible, such as:

What if I would prefer to support Starship in another way?

When a child's life hangs in the balance, your support can make all the difference.  You can sign up to a monthly donation online using our secure webpage. Find out more about various other ways you can help

Will the fundraisers be visiting current supporters?

Unfortunately due to the nature of door-to-door fundraising we cannot guarantee that our fundraisers will not visit existing supporters. Due to privacy, information about our supporters is not shared and therefore an approach is possible.

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