Better Outcomes Faster Recovery & Less Invasive

Your support helps Starship keep pace with advances in technology and treatments that are less invasive and help children recover faster for a better outcome. We want them to get back to living life as soon as possible.

Better outcomes, faster recovery & less invasive treatments

Starship’s specialist spinal surgery team perform more than 100 spinal surgeries each year, some so complex they take more than twelve hours. Thanks to the generosity of Starship supporters a state of the art O-Arm medical imaging system means surgeons now have 3D imaging inside the operating theatre allowing them to better visualise the complex spinal deformities they encounter.

“The O-Arm is used during the actual surgery to guide us in the placement of the screws and instrumentation before the patient is woken up. It allows us to perform more complex surgery, to improve our outcomes and decrease the re-operation rate on these children,” says Dr Haemish Crawford, Starship Orthopaedic Surgeon.


Thanks to the Starship Foundation New Zealand is taking part in a collaborative international study seeking to refine and improve treatment for bronchiolitis; a common condition which sees one in 13 New Zealand children admitted to hospital each year. Around 500 children come to the children’s emergency department with bronchiolitis each year.

Dr Stuart Dalziel, Paediatric Emergency Consultant at Starship heads up New Zealand’s involvement in this three year study which aims to provide clear evidence of a simple cost-effective strategy to reduce bronchiolitis hospital admissions. The new research is an extension of many years of bronchiolitis research. New Zealand has led studies into treatment, developed acute care guidelines and effectively improved management of infant care.


Meet Marc


Marc (centre) together with his parents Renee and Maricar

Late in 2017 Starship doctors broke the news to Marc’s parents that their 12 year old had idiopathic scoliosis. Within months the twisting of his spine had progressed dramatically and Starship’s spinal surgery experts explained the two-stage procedure their young son required.


First a halo traction was fitted which Marc wore 23 hours each day for three weeks; this prepared his body for a nine hour spinal fusion operation. It was performed at Starship by Dr Haemish Crawford and his team who had a new state-of-the-art O-Arm imaging system to support their precision work. 


While Marc’s full recovery will take up to a year, his parents started noticing the changes much sooner. His before and after pictures illustrate the dramatic correction and Renee and Maricar say he is not just taller and straighter, but also happier and funnier.