Become a Partner

At Starship Foundation, we are dedicated to building strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with companies that wish to be recognised as champions for children's healthcare in New Zealand.

Strategic partnerships help you invest long term with your staff and customers to achieve key targets and performance.

Individual partnerships are customised to meet the ongoing brand and business needs of partner organisations.

Please contact:
Fathin Doray, Corporate Relationships Coordinator, or  021 532 563

Affinity Marketing

As a commitment to our supporters, we are keen to maximise affinity marketing relationships. Our aim is to work together to reach new audiences; achieve complementary community responsibility goals and most importantly, make sure we maximise the return on investment.

By harnessing affinity between Starship, your brand and the goods or services you provide, you could improve your long term customer loyalty and increase profitability.

Well-structured programmes can deliver mutual value and benefits to all parties; Starship Foundation, our supporters and your company and services. Working in tandem with your marketing and PR teams, Starship Foundation can help develop an effective marketing programme that takes into consideration our supporter profile and types of communication channels open to them.

For more information you can contact the Starship Foundation team on 0800 Starship (0800 782 774)

Cause Related Marketing

Are you interested in donating a percentage of your sales to Starship?

Cause Related Marketing campaigns can be a great way for your organisation to build strong brand values and empathy with customers. When running a Cause Related Marketing campaign your brand, product or service will be in association with the 'Starship Corporate Supporter' brand logo. 

These relationships are based on a percentage of sales coming to Starship Foundation for a defined period of time - with the dual objectives of encouraging sales and raising funds.  Research shows that consumers will often buy a charity branded product versus a non-charity branded one.

The benefits of licensing the Starship Corporate Supporter 'shooting star logo' are:

  • Increased loyalty and affinity with your brand through the support of a common passion and cause.

  • Increased brand value through the association with Starship's brand values of care, integrity and the provision of world-class health care for New Zealand children.

  • Differentiation of your brand from your competitors.

  • The opportunity to increase sales during the promotional period whilst raising funds for a good cause.

For more information contact Melanie Esplin, Corporate Relationships Manager & Team Leader,  or 09 307 4949 ext 25839.