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These protocols are based on a 128 slice dual source Siemens CT. Some factors may need to be adjusted for a different CT.

Guideline identity image

CT - Sinuses Facial Stealth XCARE

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Saphire 2 on all reconstructions
Burn CD 1x1mm axial Bone and ST
NB See Richard Douglas' Protocol if requested

Indication For Stealth guided ORL surgery
Patient Preparation 4 hours nil by mouth if IV contrast or oral sedation required
Patient Position - head first
- supine in head rest on foam pad
- hard palate perpendicular to table.

Make sure the patient's ears do not touch the sides or have pads against them
Scan Area From superior aspect of the horizontal portion of the mandible to the superior aspect of the frontal sinus. Include the ears, maxillary teeth, and the tip of the nose
Quality Ref mAs/

Care kV on
Care dose 4d on
100 80 1.0
Detector Collimation  0.6 mm
Slice Thickness 4mm  Pitch  0.5
IV Contrast  If requested
Scan Delay 2-3 minutes
Reconstructions 3mm      J70 Bone
0.75mm J70 Bone
0.75mm J37 Baby Brain
1mm      J70  Bone          (Burn images onto CD and give to
1mm      H37 Baby Brain    ward or patient to deliver)
Post Processing 3x3mm H70 Bone Axial,Coronal and Sagittal MPR
3x3mm J37  Baby Brain Axial MPR
1x1mm J70  Bone Sagittal MPR (Ethmoid  sinuses)

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  • Date last published: 14 December 2017
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