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Plain Films - Shoulder

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Shoulder Trauma

The standard views are:

AP   Patient AP with humerus in external rotation
Glenoid  Patient at 30-40 deg to image plate
Tube angle 10 deg caudal
Humerus in internal rotation to show gleno-humeral joint space
Lateral with blade of scapula at 90deg to film

If possible, and if no # already seen, Axial can be done as below:

Axial  can be done with patient arm abducted, leaning over end of table, or supine/horizontal xray if patient immobile.
Particularly good for anterior/posterior dislocation.

If ? around clavicle damage, include whole of clavicle. See alternatie supine views below. It may be necessary to do more views for example:

AP, AP Oblique and Lateral as above - may need an axial view if anterior/posterior dislocation.

Acromio-Calvicular Joints

Weight bearing, both AC joints on a single film.

Clavicle fracture

AP with straight ray of affected clavicle should be sufficient in cases of obvious #. AP with 20 deg cephalic angulation if straight AP not definitive -not usually needed for Paeds.

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