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These protocols are based on a 128 slice dual source Siemens CT. Some factors may need to be adjusted for a different CT.

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CT - Abdomen Child Flash

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Query Renal Trauma
Hand inject 1/3rd contrast 10 - 15 minutes prior to CT scan
Then inject remaining 2/3rds (generous) for CT scan

Indication - congenital anomaly
- infection
- ? collection
- tumour
- trauma
Patient Prep Nil by mouth for 4 hours prior
Oral contrast loscan as per oral contrast protocol
20 or 22 gauge cannula in antecubital fossa with no extension on cannula
Patient Position - feet first
- supine
- arms raised above head
Scan Area Start at superior aspect of diaphragm
Finish at symphysis pubis
Trauma scan through ishial spine
kV/Quality Ref mAs/
Time per rotation
Care Dose 4D on
Care kV on
100 180 0.28
Detector Collimation 0.6
Slice Thickness 3mm Pitch 3
IV Contrast 2mls/kg 300 concentration maximum dose 100mls
Care Bolus Nil
Scan Delay 60 seconds
Reconstructions 3mm I30f Baby Abdomen
0.75  I30f Baby Abdomen
0.75  B70f Lung
3mm B70f Bone for trauma
Saphire 2 on all I30f reconstructions
Post-processing 3x3mm I30f Baby Abdomen Coronal MPR
3x3mm I30f Baby Abdomen Sagittal MPR

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  • Date last published: 30 November 2017
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