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Coroner - how to email (PICU specific)

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To send completed record of death and Coroner's autopsy request forms to Coroner:

Use SSHKonica printer in the office:

  1. Place documents face up in the top document feeder.
  2. Press "Fax/Scan" button.
  3. Choose "SSPICU" from on-screen email options.
  4. Press "Start" button - once the pages have gone through, the email is automatically sent to the SSPICU inbox.
  5. Press the "Copy" button to reset printer.

Back at front desk:

  1. Open Outlook (full version, not web version) on Robyn's computer (computer should already be logged in as SSPICU).
  2. Open the email from "SSHKonicaPR01@adhb..." (can take a few minutes to appear in the inbox).
  3. Forward the email to:

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