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Code Blue (resuscitation of children) for PICU staff

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General Points

A Paediatric Blue 100 is called for any cardiopulmonary arrests or acute life threatening emergencies.

A Paediatric Blue 100 is also called for patients coming into the Emergency Department who fulfil certain ED criteria.

Those on the Paediatric Blue 100 team are expected to attend immediately.

Please tell the PICU shift coordinator when you are going to a Paediatric Blue 100 and please contact them ASAP if a child needs admission to PICU.

If you see a child on the wards for review or for a code pink who needs immediate intubation and ventilation, please call a paediatric Code Blue (to give you help and equipment) and also ask for a PICU nurse to come up.

The Paediatric Blue 100 team consists of: The CED consultant, CED medical registrar, ED registrar, PICU registrar, paediatric trauma registrar, first call surgical house officer, radiographer (0800-2400), duty manager, clinical nurse advisor, orderlies and Kai Taiki, Maori health practitioner.

A Paediatric Blue 100 is called by dialling 777 and stating "HELP"

  •     H: Hospital, e.g. Starship
  •     E: The telephone extension you are ringing from
  •     L: Location, e.g. 24B room 6
  •     P: Problem, e.g. paediatric Blue 100 for a child or inpatient, Code Pink or Code Blue 100 for an adult

You may be called to Auckland City hospital for a paediatric emergency, the adult team will also be called, as they will for an adult emergency in Starship.

A paediatric code blue 100 should be documented on a AKCH/STARSHIP Resuscitation record form CR8545.

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  • Date last published: 31 October 2005
  • Document type: Clinical Guideline
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  • Owner: Gabrielle Nuthall
  • Editor: John Beca
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