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CT/MRI (cardiac) non urgent bookings

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* If urgent booking for Cardiac MRI - contact Dr C Occleshaw, Dr Hornung and Dr Lowe directly. For cardiac CT contact Dr C Occleshaw or Dr J Stirling


  • Decision to book a Cardiac CT / Cardiac MRI or a diagnostic cardiac catheter prior to the next cardiac surgery is made in consultation with lead cardiologist and the on-call cardiologist.

  • A booking for a cardiac investigation prior to the next surgery should be recorded in the patient's discharge letter under "non cardiac diagnosis heading"

  • A "PCCS Cardiology booking form" must be completed and copy given to the non-surgical scheduler - extn 23618 (see  PCCS team support/administration for form).

  • If the patient considered to be a "high anaesthetic risk": this must be clearly stated on the PCCS Cardiology booking form under the "review arrangements" section. It is the responsibility of the catheter consultant to discuss this with the anaesthetist and ensure the PICU consultant is aware

    High Anaesthetic risk group
    - Single ventricle patients both pre and post stage 1 repair
    - All patients with Williams syndrome and all supravalvular Aortic stenosis
    - Cardiomyopathy / Myocarditis
    - Pulmonary Hypertension
    - Patients with severe ventricular hypertrophy
    - Patients with significant ventricular dysfunction
    - Patients with coronary abnormalities
    Guideline for the Management of High Risk Cardiac Patients for Investigation under General Anaesthesia


All non urgent cardiac CT and MRI's will be admitted to the Level 2 Day stay unit unless indicated otherwise.

If the child is considered to be fragile or has the potential to be unstable post anaesthetic they will be admitted to ward 23B (i.e single ventricle shunt dependant pulmonary blood flow). This decision is to be made in consultation with the Cardiologist and clearly indicated on the ROER's request and "PCCS Cardiology booking form".

Book ROERS request

  1. "Responsible clinician" section - request the lead cardiologist.
  2. "Additional booking information" section;
    1. State if the patient needs to be admitted to ward 23b otherwise will automatically be admitted to Level 2 Day Stay Unit.
    2. Please indicate approximate date of test (i.e "in May-June 2012"), this does not guarantee a slot at this time and please be aware that plenty of advanced warning is needed because of lengthy Cardiac CT and MRI waiting lists
    3. Request that the non-surgical scheduler be contacted once booking confirmed extn 23618
  3. "Question to be answered" section - specify information required from investigation (i.e "review pulmonary artery size")
  4. "Radiologist discussed with" section - Dr Occleshaw or Dr J Stirling (you do not need to contact them unless this is an urgent request)
  5. Print out ROERs booking request - give copy to non-surgical scheduler - ext 23618

* A cardiac anaesthetist will always be present at Cardiac CT and MRI's and therefore does not need to be specifically requested

If child needs to be admitted to the ward prior to cardiac CT /MRI

  1. Fill in the yellow "Paediatric Cardiology Booking Form" and give to the non-surgical scheduler - this ensures that the child will be booked and admitted on to the ward prior to the study.
  2. Confirm with the lead cardiologist  if routine tests are needed;
    1. ECHO report within the last 3-6 months at Starship Hospital - If no ECHO in last 6 months, this needs to be arranged via the on duty cardiologist.
    2. ECG: Recent 12 lead ECG in notes (< 2 weeks)
    3. Blood test results: ensure print out of current bloods (FBC, U & E's, Gp and hold) is available in the patient notes.
    4. CXR recent: (< 1 month) unless new respiratory symptoms/problems since
  3. IV access if having IV contrast - should have 22g (blue) IV line or a 20g (pink) IV line


Consents for both CT / MRI will be done in the radiology department and a parent /guardian must accompany the child to Cardiac CT / MRI for consenting.

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