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Oxygen - calibration of the MAXO Oxygen Analyser in NICU

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  1. Remove analyser from respiratory circuit for calibration. Occlude port in circuit to ensure continued flow to infant. 
  2. If the infant is receiving <60% oxygen then calibrate to (room) air.

    MAXO oxygen calibrationIf the infant is receiving >60% oxygen the analyser needs to be calibrated to 100% oxygen.
    - plug the analyser sensor to the calibration jig (from the equipment room)
    - plug in a flow regulator to the oxygen port on the ponta and attach the calibration jig
    - attach oxygen calibration jig to sensor
    - set flow rate at 2 L/min of oxygen
  3. Turn unit on (on/off key).
  4. Press 'lock' key to unlock unit.
  5. Press 'cal'.
  6. Analyser will calibrate automatically (adjust á or â keys if required, till calibration figure reached).
    - if calibrating to air set analyser to 21%
    - if calibrating to pure oxygen set analyser to 100%
  7. When calibration complete, analyser unit will lock automatically. Replace sensor into circuit.

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  • Date last published: 30 April 2010
  • Document type: Clinical Guideline
  • Services responsible: Neonatology
  • Owner: Newborn Services Clinical Practice Committee
  • Editor: Sarah Bellhouse
  • Review frequency: 2 years