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Drug incompatibility for IV Y-site Administration in Neonates

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Drug compatibility chart

The compatibility data in this chart apply to drug concentrations as used in Newborn Services. Where greater concentrations are used, contact the Pharmacy for compatibility advice. Click on the image below to view a larger version

IVN = Intravenous Nutrition
+ = these drugs have a negligible effect on alprostadil (PGE 1), but the reverse not studied.
++ = in sodium chloride 0.9%
+++ = in glucose 5%
* = morphine ≤5mg/ml
** No conclusive data
*** conflicting results in studies (16, 19)
# destabilisation of fat emulsion has been noted at heparin 5 iU/ml (14) & 0.5 iU./ml (17) when co-infused with TPN containing Ca++


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