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Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Children and Adolescents in New Zealand

This document aims to provide an evidence-based guide to the diagnosis and management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) in children and adolescents across New Zealand. The recommendations within this document provide a guide and may not encompass every clinical situation. The guideline is formulated within the framework of the Paediatric Gastroenterology Clinical Network.

The Clinical Guideline

A index-based guide to the content is listed below or you can click on this link to access a pdf of the whole document.

What is IBD and how is it caused
Approach to Diagnosis
Presentation patterns and initial investigations
Definitive Diagnostic Investigations
Includes endoscopic, histologic and radiological findings
Baseline assessment at the time of diagnosis
Management of children with IBD
Including the model of care, initial management steps following diagnosis
Induction of remission
Common therapies for IBD in children and adolescents
Management of acute severe colitis (ASC)
Maintenance of remission of IBD
Monitoring of children with IBD
Including regular and annual screening bloods, monitoring of growth, bone mineral density, vaccination status, colonoscopic surveillance and iron deficiency anaemia
Assessment of disease activity
Including PCDAI, PUCAI and PGA 
Transition from paediatric care
Support and education


Links to each appendix are listed separately below. Alternatively, you can click on this link for all the appendices in one document.

Checklist for Diagnostic Workup
Tertiary Contact Details
My IBD Team
EEN Protocol
EEN Patient Handout
including a guide for patients and a guide for parents
Reintroduction of standard diet after EEN Handout
Using sulphasalzine and 5-aminosalicylates
Using Thiopurines
Using Methotrexate
PUCAI score
PCDAI score
Annual review
Internet resources

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