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Child and Youth Eczema Clinical Network

This site does not accept referrals or provide clinical advice in response to questions. If you are a New Zealand health professional seeking clinical advice, pleaseuse your local clinical pathway. If you are a New Zealand child patient, parent or caregiver seeking clinical advice, please contact your usual doctor. You can read the full site disclaimer here.

Purpose of the Network

The purpose of the New Zealand Child and Youth Eczema Clinical Network is to establish a national multi-disciplinary network that will support clinicians working across community, primary, secondary and tertiary services to deliver high quality, cost effective and integrated eczema treatment programmes for children, youth and their whanau.

Eczema affects over 25% of New Zealand children and care is delivered in a wide range of settings. The Network aims to foster co-ordinated management across the entire continuum of care. A key part of this workforce is education and development.

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