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Bedside Pews

We know from research studies that children in hospital can deteriorate, but we do not know yet the best way to prevent this. The EPOCH study (Evaluating Processes of Care & Outcome of Children in Hospital) is looking at a way of identifying those children in hospital that are at risk of deteriorating and preventing them from getting any sicker. There will be a total of 22 international hospitals taking part in the study and Starship is the only hospital in NZ as we have a paediatric intensive care unit (PICU). The lead site is The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

As part of the EPOCH study Starship Hospital has been randomised to implement a "bedside paediatric early warning system" (Bedside PEWS). Bedside PEWS is a documentation-based system of care that has replaced the old observation / assessment charts for every child admitted to Starship Hospital. The goal of Bedside PEWS is to identify and prevent significant clinical deterioration, such as children getting sick enough to need resuscitation and/or admission to PICU and decrease the number of preventable deaths in hospital.

Bedside PEWS uses a score that is generated from the observations such as blood pressure and pulse rate that all patients in hospital have done routinely. The sicker the child, the higher their score will be. The score then determines recommendations for further assessment and intervention by senior nurses, ward doctors or review by PICU doctors. The study was underway from July 2011 until March 2013. As there are multiple sites involved it will be some years before the results of the study are known.

RITA (Roster and Timesheet Automation)

Rita (Roster and Timesheet Automation) is the implementation of the Workforce Central (WFC) application to automate time and attendance data captured from rosters to payroll for all ADHB employees. Removing antiquated paper systems without significantly changing existing process but aiming to achieve a Better Way.

The main features of the Workforce Central Application:

By July 2014 the majority of staff in Children's Health Services will be using the application.

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